October 27, 2012, saw the 9th Annual running of the RunningWild Wilsons Promontory Ultramarathon, including 48, 60, 80 & 100km events that criss-crossed the hiking trails of the Prom.  While the event is normally held around April, this year it was moved to October and the route was altered as a result of severe flooding in 2011.  Wildplans runner, Tegyn Angel, ran the 60km event and has put together the following Video Race Report from footage filmed during the his run.  Enjoy!

Results Summary:


  1. Dan Beard 14:04
  2. Andy Hewat 17:48
  3. Katherine Macmillan 17:48


  1. Josh Street 12:22
  2. Phillip Henschke 14:29
  3. Sep Rafiee 15:08


  1. Mal Gamble 7:58
  2. Lestyn Lewis 8:08
  3. Tegyn Angel 10:00


  1. Damon Goerke 4:57
  2. Paul Williams 5:16
  3. Nicholas Crooks 6:02
Full Results are available on www.aura.asn.au, or by clicking HERE

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