What the Press are saying about VFuel

Ultra168 VFuel Review

Aussie Ultrarunning blog Ultra168 gave VFuel great a review, in particular highlighting the taste and digestibility.  Head over to their site and read the full review here:  Ultra168 VFuel Review

Competitor Magazine (Dec 2013)

We know our Peach Cobbler VFuel is one of the most popular Endurance Gels to ever grace the pockets, packs, and fuel stashes of endurance athletes around the world, but people are still discovering this for themselves. We get photos of our Peach Cobbler on ice cream and people’s favorite oatmeal! Yes, it’s that good. And it has all of the amazing benefits ( unparalleled recovery benefits, the easiest gel to digest, period, and the massive benefits of MCT oil) that you have come to love and expect out of our great product!

Competitor Magazine (Sep 2013)

Competitor featured VFuel as part of their ‘Endurance Buzz’ about some tasty new endurance snacks! Yes, VFuel tastes great, but that’s only scratching the surface! 

Men's Journal (Apr 2013)

We are psyched that Men’s Journal chose VFuel as one of their favorite running related products coming into 2013!

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