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|Our Mission|

1. To bring colourful, innovative products to the Australian market which have been designed and produced with trailrunners, obstacle course racers, hikers, mountainbikers and outdoors-people in mind.

2. To lead Boutique Trailrunning Tours to the World’s Unique places; safely, professionally and in style.

We’re Trailrunners, like you

We come from all over. Climbers, Hiking Guides, wilderness first aid instructors, event directors, media producers, even a Linguist… But what brings us together is a love of running amazing trails in mind blowing places. Come and share our passion.


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Larapinta Trail, Australia

This sweet singletrack has earned its right to be called one the most iconic multi-day trails in Australia.  Rollercoasting its way along the West MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory, west of Alice Springs, Larapinta takes not just your legs, but your heart on a powerful journey through Australia’s red centre.  You will run through oases, along escarpments, via canyons and valleys and through an ancient landscape that holds the power to defy your expectations, and entrance your singletrack soul

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the most awe-inspiring, raw, visually astounding places we’ve ever seen.  So close to the Magellan Strait, Cape Horn and Antarctica, wind-sculpted and weather-beaten, Torres Del Paine is the most impressive part of an incredible landscape.


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Central Highlands, Timor Leste

Based in the Portugese Colonial Hill Station of Maubisse, by day we’ll traverse the highest points in Timor Leste (including Mt Tatamailau), following rugged ridgelines and exploring coffee plantations before returning to the cozy fire and incredibly warm hospitality of the Timorese by night.  Not enough? Sweet, let’s spend our last few days on a tropical island where the hardest decision will be whether to laze about on the beach or explore the jungle clad peaks.  Your call!


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